What is Pocket Dynasty Football?

Pocket Dynasty Football (PDF) is a management simulation American Football game that has probably a 30-40% chance of ever seeing the light of day. It’s a passion project of this guy and he has way too many passion projects. But, hey. The game is web-based, built using a PHP backend API, along with a SPA-JavaScript front-end. The game will also be available for mobile, fully-featured.

PDF will follow in the tradition of game likes Football Manager, Out of the Park Baseball and maybe even a little dash of New Star Soccer. The game will have it’s own unique twist and focus that will be uniquely different from those games, and hopefully will have an incredible level of customization. But, let’s just get it going, because who knows where it will go?

What Types of Features Will PDF Have?

  • Team management
    • Trades, free agency, practice squads
    • Contract and salary cap management
    • Formation subs
  • Scouting and Draft
    • College player scouting
    • Active and free agent player scouting
  • Game play-calling and game management
  • Story lines, inbox, social media, player conversations and world immersions
  • Personnel management
  • Role-based management
  • College Football management
  • High School Football management
  • Individual player management